Jerusalem and the Holy Places

Jerusalem in on the news all the time, but what do we really know about the fights that take place inside the Old City? what does the word "internationalization" mean and who is behind it? Why do Christians fight each other much more than Muslims fight Jews? Who are the woman of the wall? And which disputes affect the world's agenda?

All of that, and much more, is an eye – opener for tourists regarding the legal aspects of the Holy places as well as the Status of Jerusalem internationally.

Sites: Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Western wall, Temple Mount, Mount Zion.

Duration – a full day (on foot, little walking).

Germany in Jerusalem
The Imperial visits Jerusalem has witnessed during the late 19th Century have changed the skyline of Jerusalem as well as its Geo-Politics. Austro-Hungary and Germany have tried to intervene in this area through an alliance with the Ottoman Empire, and by doing so have planted hopes for independance at the hearts of both Jews & Arabs.
During one of the most fascinating tours one could ever take in Jerusalem, we would learn what were the real and Global reasons for these visits, and be exposed to a different Austria & Germany than what we have learnt, as well as a different Narrative than what we know over the real reasons for WW1.
Eating a typical Central European food in a place least-expected to do so, the Old City, would definitely enhance the experience!
At her Majesty's service - Brits in Jerusalem
The Pioneers of Superpowers influence before WW1 were, without any doubt, the British, long before they themselves have seized this land in 1917.
The envoys of the Empire where "The Sun never sets", a term Winston Churchil himself have coined, have laid the religious, Politicial and Economic foundation for other nations to follow.
Once their's, the British were responsible for making this land modern and prosperous, for the benefit of those living in it, whereas until their arrival This land was the neglected backyard of the Ottoman Empire.
Come and explore with Gil how we still enjoy the Biggest Empire's in history presence until today!

Sites: Scottish Church, Yemin Moshe Neighborhood, King David's Street, Christ Church and the Jaffa Gate, St. Paul's Church & St. George's Church, The Garden Tomb and much more!
If you are interested in combining fun for every age with Culture, Bible, History & Authenticity, all tailor-made for your particular needs - you are definitely in the right place.
Gil Regev has been conveying that mix to Tourists from all over the world for the past 20 years, and he can't seem to stop enjoying it. Gil welcomes you to share that experience in an unforgettable journey to the Holy Land.
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