Water and Mid-East Geo-Politics

Water has always been a source of many conflicts in the Middle East and for most Wars of Israel.

Around the Kinneret / Sea of Galilee and up the Golan Heights we will explore how water had affected creation of frontiers and the reality in the whole region until today. During the tour the reciprocal connection between world, regional and local history will be revealed, as well as the reasons for most wars of Israel.

The tour takes place in rarely – visited sites and lookouts around the lake.

Meeting Point - Tiberias.

Duration – 1-3 day.

The Hijazi Railway
The 4000-km long intricate Railway infrastracture the Germans have built inside the Ottoman Empire at the Eve of WW1 have had a huge impact on World's Geo-Politics in general, and the History of the Land of Israel in particular.
It made places until then considered to be no less than "on the dark side of the moon" to become all of a sudden accesible, a change that would impact the development of this land as well as its parallel Zionist enhancement.
Ironically enough, German trains have become one of the greatest symbols of the Zionism, and many myths have evolved around it.
Nowadays the non-functional railway is built re-build, adapted to the 21th Century, and bring with it new dreams like its "forefather". therefore, NOW is the time to see how this railway played, and still plays, a major role in the history of the Modern Middle East.

Meeting Point - Haifa

Duration - a full day
Ancient Synagogues in the Golan Heights
Jewish presence in the Golan Heights goes back many milleniums before Gamla, hosting the most ancient synagogue on planet earth, had succumbed to Roman Oppression and fell by 67 CE.
This unique tour exposes a marvelous Jewish world from antiquities, well connected to current names and places.
There is little doubt that this tour (which could be done as a 10km hike) strenghens one's affiliation with the land of Israel, in between hidden springs and spectacular sceneries.
Come and inhale that beautiful atmosphere and learn about Ancient Judaism - whether Jewish or not!

Meeting Point - Katzrin (Golan Heights)
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