Israel is one of the Family-Friendliest destinations you will ever visit.

Accommodation in so many places is suitable for families, especially in the Rural-Style Condos in the Kibbutzim.
Activities are endless, as you can make your own Chocolate, Visit an Underground Bullet Factory, Become Indiana Jones for a few hours while on an Archaeological dig, learn how to defend yourself at a "Krav Maga" training, Ride a camel and spend a night with the Beduins.
You can self-experience how Olive Oil is produced, How Dates are harvested, Hike everywhere, fly in a balloon above Biblical sites, enjoy Waterfalls where it rains 2 inches a year and go ziplining. than yo could Ride the Bicycle everywhere, enjoy Unique Nature and awe-inspiring views, have fun at the various zoosFloat in the Dead Sea and rub yourself with Mud, Walk on the Old City Walls and than, like no where else - Get wet in a 2700-year old tunnel mentioned in the Bible and still out there like back than!

Not Enough? there is way more, but there arent enough words to describe all of them.
Gil Regev will make your family's first-ever trip to Israel the kind of trip that will make them want to come back for a second time, for even more fun!
Dont miss this opportunity, Israel is THE place for families.
Sachne National Park - a real treat for the Family!
Learn about Bow & Arrow in the Negev Desser
Enjoy a Trendy Segway Tour in Beautiful Jerusalem
Make your own Chocolate
Spring Time in the Golan Heights
Enjoy a Razor ride in the Judean Mountains
Hike to the Waterfalls of Ein Gedi
Family-Style Accommodation
If you are interested in combining fun for every age with Culture, Bible, History & Authenticity, all tailor-made for your particular needs - you are definitely in the right place.
Gil Regev has been conveying that mix to Tourists from all over the world for the past 10 years, and he can't seem to stop enjoying it. Gil welcomes you to share that experience in an unforgettable jounrey to the Holy Land.
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